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What we do

The mission statement of Campus Connection 838 is to assist young men and women to be all that God has designed them to be. 


We started Campus Connection 838 to provide a 'home away from home experience'. We provide a family based atmosphere which includes hot meals and time of interaction, simply living life together. 


We focus on both spiritual and physical advancement. (meaning, we offer assistance in academic and spiritual studies)




During the week we provide Bible based studies, both video and study lesson formats.


Tutoring is also one of the aspects of our ministry. We tutor the subject matter within the course, as well as how the subject is used in the corporate environmnet.  We also aid in the creation of resumes, cover letters, and other media used during a job search.  Our focus is on the entire student experience, spiritual, as well as day to day needs.

Sporting Events Photography.  It has come to our attention, family and friends love our Facebook Fan Page, which provides photographs of the students during sporting events.  Families living away from campus can have the opportunity to see their students in action either on the court or in the field.

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